We offer the following limited warranty against any defect in workmanship or materials. This limited warranty excludes the following:

  • Boards that show impact or abuse, damage due to heat exposure including but not limited to direct sun exposure, extended amount of time in a car, board bag, etc.

  • Previous Repairs

  • Broken Boards

  • Boards with signs of improper care or handling

  • Incidental Damage

  • Unreasonable Use



Do not expose your board to excessive heat or sunlight when it is not in use. Whenever you are not using your SUP board (either during storage or transport to/from the beach) particular care and attention should be made to protect the board from the sun and heat. Excessive exposure to the sun and/or heat can result in the following unavoidable and undesirable consequences :

  • Distortion of deck pad

  • De-laminating

  • Significant fading of color

* When storing your board  for short periods of time outside we suggest using the cover provided with the cover left open. Your SPB cover is UV rated and reflective.

The above is not covered under Warranty as they are due to a user or storage problem,  and not related to the manufacturing or material quality of your product.


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Square protects its systems with industry-leading technology and security controls, including:
   •    Square performs data encryption within the card reader at the moment of transaction.
   •    Square’s software is developed using industry-standard security best practices.
   •    Square’s servers are monitored around the clock by dedicated security staff.
   •    Square’s employees act in accordance with security policies designed to keep your data safe.


Since Square itself is PCI compliant, we don’t require account holders to validate PCI compliance. Merchants who use Square for all storage, processing and transmission of payment card data do not need to validate PCI compliance for those transactions.
We strive to provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers.


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